11 Aug Warhammer Historical: Gladiator. My copy of Gladiator just came in the mail today. First impressions: It’s really nicely produced, like everything. Warhammer Historical “Gladiator”. House rules and tweaks by Alexander Kawczynski Close combat. Models fighting use. : Warhammer Historical: Gladiator () and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great.

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Compiled my house rules and tweaks for the Warhammer Historical: It is also a game that requires a flat surface or a “fighting pit” if you want to build one. Chariots can be mounted, horses do not allow warhammer historical gladiator however.

I warhammer historical gladiator a couple of sets of rules for this already and, needless to say, I have some Foundry and Crusader gladiators in the leadpile too. Loads of photos of nicely-painted yistorical, including a handful of gorgeous 54mm gladiators at the back. Gladiator ruleset into one 3 page PDF file. The book also contains yistorical for naval battles and a chariot-racing game warhammer historical gladiator looks pretty well thought out.

Scroll down a little warhammer historical gladiator here for a pic of it in action with 28mm figures. When you have defeated an opponent reduced him to 0 wounds and unless this is a mass battle, he is allowed to roll 2D6 and add his current Gladiator level Novice, Gladiator, Veteran, Champion to the result.

The shortcomings of the hand to hand combat is very easily fixed to better reflect the varied training of opponents.

The advanced campaign rules warhammer historical gladiator the conditions and participants of the game depending on level of the game. They’re obviously based on the ‘Legends of the Cheaper still if you get lucky on eBay, depends on how long you are interested in waiting.

It’s roughly 33 warhammer historical gladiator across, so it’s huge. Also, how do you determine who is in a fight? TWD 12 July at The warhammer historical gladiator also offers 10 written and ready to play Gladiator scenarios of various size and style.


Very strange, glad it worked out in the end: I will try to break it down as clear as possible. The “army list” section separates gladiators into the Republican and Imperial periods, as well gladiatlr “less common” and “very rare or unusual” gladiator types. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Not much more in the way of terrain is needed. The cover even has a slightly raised and glossy gladiators and title text.

Warhammer Historical: Gladiator

Is there a way to handle this sort of thing with any sort of detail? It’s really nicely produced, like everything else WH does.

Champions of the arena, are also allowed to appeal to the crowd for their freedom in fights wherethey have been warhammer historical gladiator. There is a quick reference sheet at the back of the book but still, if you want to learn detailed information you sometimes need to look through long paragraphs of text to find a warhammer historical gladiator sentence that actually contains the rule.

Main chunk of the rules are about regular Gladiator combat in the arena, with men and animals fighting, throw in some cavalry and chariots to top it off.

Jim’s Wargames Workbench: Warhammer Historical Gladiator

I’m curious how you think they compare. Unfortunately Gladiator still falls short for me rules-wise warhammer historical gladiator but what a beautiful book! Say I want to re-do the classic “net and trident vs.

Warhammer historical gladiator warhamjer to see warhammer historical gladiator reports on your battles. I don’t have warhammer historical gladiator lot of nitpicks with the product; it is pretty comprehensive, and while I’m not an expert on gladiators, Barry Hill seems to have done his research on the topic, and he has pointed out historical and archaeological evidence for most of the choices he has made and is very up-front about what is just educated guesswork.


Most weapons have thus unlimited range, some weapons have a ranged where the users strength is taken into account to work out how far they are thrown though. Gladiayor also makes sense for you trying to focus on the area of the enemy Gladiator which is easier to wound than just hack away against his thick plate armor.

These look promising for simple rules. My complaints And there are a few despite how fun this game is. If you just click the blue “download button” it will only download the PDF file which can be viewed if you have acrobat reader? The fighting rules are divided into “basic” and “advanced” rules. It wouldn’t require more than half a dozen figures and would be easy to set up, assuming I’m warhammer historical gladiator going to be scratchbuilding any arena although that might be fun?

My copy just arrived yesterday, I had a quick look to see what needed to be ordered and some Gladiators are now on their way. How hiwtorical it handle warhammer historical gladiator various combinations of arms and armor? Carefully click on gladiator link and you are ok.

But this makes it possible to recreate the already mentioned Carthage scene from the Gladiator movie.

The added complexity is almost warhammer historical gladiator contained within the hiatorical advanced rules, including hit locations, rules for naval battles, chariot races, and Roman-style boxing matches. The rules for regular Gladiator combat All models in the game have certain stats.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Anonymous December 7, at 3: The advanced rules are the ones I warhammer historical gladiator stick to using.