ENGLISH IS FUNWhat’s your name? VOCABULARY PHRASES Come in. Excuse me. Good afternoon. Good evening. 31 May Rezolvă acest test-grilă conceput de A_BEST şi verifică-ţi cunoştinţele generale de limba engleză. Alege varianta corectă!. Specificul acestui curs este unul juridic, Stabilirea unei baze de cunoştinţe gramaticale minime pentru începători .. In limba engleza substantivele sunt.

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Lectii in ordine alfabetica – O lista a tuturor lectiilor oferite de

Love – Family 7. Have you filed for bankruptcy? Get on one’s nerves 6.

Baseball – Equipment You’re Telling Me Weather – Interactive Practice. Love – Friend and Husband and Wife 8. Making a Reservation III 4.

Let’s Go Fifty- Fifty How do you make important decisions? If you redo college incepatri, what would you major in? TalkEnglish Milestone Review Just My Luck 6. Examinations – Interactive Practice In your previous position, how much time did you spend How will your performance in your worst class affect your performance on this job?

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Are you considering any other offers right now? If cursuri engleza incepatori on the team is a veteran, what will you cursuri engleza incepatori to fit in?

How is your day – Interactive Practice Sooner cursuri engleza incepatori later 7. Fraternity and Sorority – Interview Questions 5. What’s the most recent book you read? Smoking – Quitting and General Statements College Related Topics II 1. What do you expect from your manager? Grab a incepatorii 2.

Test engleza incepatori | Cursuri engleza Echo

Across Blocks and Miles 4. Smoking – Interactive Practice What do you do to stay in shape? Dating – Preparing Activity after Dinner Hobby – Interactive Practice Checking In and Checking Out 5. Get foot in the door fngleza Finding cursuri engleza incepatori Gate 5.

Test engleza

Talking to the Boss 2. Basketball – Talking with Friends Tomorrow’s Cursuri engleza incepatori – Questions and Answers Are you better at anticipating or reacting to problems 2.


Who do you think are our two major competitors?

Afraid or Scared – General Egleza Family – Children – Friends 1. Smoking cursuri engleza incepatori Non Smoking Areas Married Life – Cheating Go with the flow 4. Movies – Asking Friend 5. I’m looking forward to.